For automotive lovers must be familiar with the term ceramic coating, compared with wax or sealant that can cover fine scratches, ceramic coating has a weakness that can not cover the fine streaks that look. Therefore, to anticipate this, then before the ceramic coating san diego then the condition of the car paint must be ensured free of any dirt including 100% dust, and defects that exist on the surface of the paint, otherwise, the coating is applied defects will be very difficult to remove. The first part to do is you have to wash the car to remove the fine dirt. The second part of the ceramic coating san diego is a multi-stage paint correction that is done after the car is cloned and clay. Multi-stage correction is usually done by professional detailer to remove all defects that exist on the surface of paint with polish or even compound surface. After this process, then ceramic coating san diego will be applied. To apply ceramic coating san diego requires a sterile enclosed space with an air temperature that fits about 21 to 23 degrees, with a temperature range like it then you can get maximum results and free of fog or swirl resulting from the wrong coating technique.

The total processing time required can take up to 3 days, depending on the condition of the car paint and can be completed within 2 days including cutting. Cars that have been done coating does not mean free from treatment. You need to remember that san diego ceramic coatings are the same as a poly sealant but are more durable. For those of you who have done car coating then wash the car with the correct technique will be highly recommended, but ceramic coating san diego understand for lack of time, we will spend more time using car wash services outside. The alternative is, you can do routine maintenance every 6 months and this is highly recommended. While doing maintenance, you will do paint-correction and re-coating for the last layer. This is an activity that must be done so that your car can look excellent for as long as you want.