Every month, there’s always a new smartphone issued by the vendor. In fact, it is not impossible if you are confused when going to buy a new smartphone. Especially at this time a lot of cheap smartphones are equipped with luxury specifications. If you’re going to buy a smartphone now, the Rats will give you things to avoid when buying a new smartphone. It is important to consider a few things which can help you find out the right phone that meets your desire and needs although you want to get the cheapest phone. Why so? Since your smartphone will definitely be used for a long period of time. So, avoid the following things when buying a cheapest phone in singapore !

Inedible prestige

Many people who buy expensive smartphones just to follow the prestige. Though you should buy a smartphone in accordance with the needs and abilities. Do not just because of the pursuit of prestige, until willing to impose the budget and forget the needs of others.

Tempted Specifications on Paper

Many people are easily tempted by the specification of a 20MP camera or 4GB of RAM. How big is it? Though that must be considered not only that but also, the camera sensor, type of lens, up to the type of RAM used. Make no mistake, many tablets of smartphones are using polarization cameras.

Shop Owner Forces Buy Another Smartphone

These tips apply only if you buy a smartphone from an offline store. Ever when buying a smartphone A, you are even offered to buy smartphone B? Even the shopkeepers are even exaggerating the related smartphone on this basis. Never buy a smartphone. Even if you can not buy a smartphone in that store. Because the store has been using the strategy of poisoning consumers. Which is a good smartphone according to them is not necessarily suitable for you. And again, it is not impossible if he is chasing the target right? So, do not just buy a smartphone again yes! You must buy a smartphone that suits your ability and needs so as not to regret in the future. And also, I’m not cool if I buy a smartphone just because of lulled specifications.