Have you ever wondered to know more about beforeitsnews blog? When talking about the blog, the article may be the first thing you keep in mind. If the article we can enter in the ranks of page 1 is a pride of its own, what else when rivals in page one is a famous blog, behind it there are several Important Factors for Your Page Entry Page One, starting from articles, templates, etc..Therefore, here are some important factors for the blog entry page one.

1.Domain Authority

Domain authority is the score of the domain on our blog, domains like google, facebook, Wikipedia get 100% score, that is the perfect score, and my blog just gets a score of 1, Domain Authority Score is important factor google in ranking blog in each keyword.

In addition, domain providers also play an important role in DA scores, because Google should entrust the ranking in every keyword to a trusted blog, and of course, the domain provider is also known by Google and not that is not trusted. Make sure that you will also be careful when getting domain deals at cheap rates. In this case, quality is the most important thing even if you want a domain that is affordable and can save you the amounts of money.

2. Blog View

Display blog in my opinion very important role in Google in ranking its ranking, just try you check, the higher it’s ranking, the more simple look blog, this I have to prove myself. In addition, Google also put forward the convenience of the reader, therefore now many blogs use a valid template AMP to be more powerful to compete to get smartphone users.

3.Meta Tag

Meta tags also play an important role, an example of a meta tag, usually when you just create a blog and there is a description or author blog that is “xxx”, it happens because the default template in the setting maker, and you have to replace it because it is not very good for Google.