Another way to improve memory is to do a brain game, which can make the brain think a bit so it stays connected to the cells inside. If a person does not or seldom hone the ability of the brain, the cells in the brain begin to degenerate so it becomes easy to forget. Apart from that, we recommend you to visit to check out an excellent supplement for improving your memory.

Playing a brain game, for example, is playing chess which requires focus to think about a few steps forward. Nowadays there are also many websites that provide free brain games such as

Try to routinely train the brain by performing brain games for at least 20 minutes a day. If you do not really like the game of the brain, you can learn a foreign language or develop new hobbies and abilities.

In addition, memory repetition also improves your memory. Even a good memorizer needs time to repeat the memorization so that it is more perfect. Repetition or repetition is a way that it feels is needed if you want to increase the ability of the brain to remember something.

After learning something, give it a few moments, then do a review of what you’ve learned. This will make the brain trained to unlock the memories of the past so it is not easy to forget the important things.

The repetition of the memory can be done with the help of keeping an important note in the notebook, repeating the name of someone newly known over and over, and repeating the sentence someone says to you.